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Is your rank tracking holding back the
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2012 Google Search for water
2022 Google Search for water

Don’t you want nuanced rank tracking that’s accurate and useful?

Nothing significant has changed about rank tracking tools in at least 10 years.  Those tools still operate based on the model of there only being 10 blue links in the SERP. 

We’re sorry, but SEO is more complicated than that now. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Featured snippets, nuanced search intent, device-specific contexts.

Do you think Wikipedia is happy ‘Ranking #1 organically’ in 2022?

In essence, we’re building a rank tracking platform on top of everyone’s rank tracking data, because data is a commodity. We’re the data-agnostic ones.

Free Trial – 7 Days – 30 Keywords.

2022 Google Search for water

Content Relevance Score

Check whether your website pages are relevant to your target keywords in the eyes of Google with our Orbitwise Integration.

If your article ranks in the top 10, you’ll see your relevance score next to the search results. Determine whether you need to improve your content relevance or earn more links.

Read more about how content relevance is calculated

Track where you rank on the page

Organic search rankings need to be presented with context.

The visual position on your device impacts traffic to your site more than your organic ranking.

We track every element of the SERP with context. Absolute rank tracking.

Ads, rich snippets, organic results – they’re all included to paint an accurate ranking that can drive your organic growth strategy.

Where other rank tracking tools fall short

In this webinar, Mike King and John Murch break down the state of rank tracking and what tools need to do to evolve with the SERPs:

Stop paying twice for the same keyword

ExactScience introduces a simple keyword credit system. You only get charged per keyword. It doesn’t matter if you’re tracking 1 branded domain or 10 different competitors. You don’t need to waste your credits on the same data.

When you’re tracking over 10K keywords, extra charges for tracking multiple domains per keyword can get expensive.

Features you won't find on other tools

Track all of your brands and competitors in one place

For enterprises businesses that own multiple websites that are distinct businesses but compete for the same keywords.

Track them all in one consolidated view.

Look at your ranking history

Track the history of your rankings by uploading your own data from other tools. Regardless of your platform start date, pull in the historical full SERP rankings at scale.

Determine more trends for your targeted keywords. Identify and analyze their evolution over time.

Use supplemental competitive metrics to drive SEO strategy

Use search volume, CPC bids, and competitive index data to identify revenue-impacting keywords to target.

Combined with buyer’s journey stages, power up your analysis and track your performance by key segments.

Create tags for your keyword segments

Whether you’re tracking by sections of your website, content topic customers, or segments of your buyer’s journey.

Track performance by grouping with keyword tags.

Control how frequently you refresh your rankings

Choose how frequently you want to update your rank tracking to match your own reporting cadence.

Choose from weekly, daily, hourly, and even 15 min update increments or a one-off request.

Blend Google Search Console Data with Rank Tracking Data

Connect your Google Search Console properties and download the last 16 months of data to validate the rankings’ accuracy and insights.

Enhance ranking analysis by effectively surfacing CTR, Click, and Impressions data on the keyword and URL level.

Quickly identify keywords ranking from 10-20 that you’re not tracking.

Universal Ranking Export

Export a csv file that includes a set of keyword data points that include everything you need to visualize and analyze your rankings insights in a way that works with your preferred tools.


Get Slack Alerts for Major Rank Changes

When there’s a significant change (based on a percent or number that you set) to the rankings or average rank for a given project, the integration will automatically post the alert in Slack.

Alert per project, per keyword, or per tag grouping.

Every business has rank tracking challenges unique to their industry


Do you own multiple brands competing for the same query?


Is your time-sensitive article showing up in top stories?


New data set pushing your educational posts below the fold?

Frequently Asked Questions

Answering all of your queries for the SERPs, rank tracking, keywords, and ExactScience.

SERP or Search Engine Results Page is what a search engine (e.g. Google) provides as a response for a given keyword or phrase. SERPs are not just 10 blue links, but have many feature snippets and insights such as Related Search and People Also Asked. We want to provide as much details as possible, which is why we give you the full HTML response, as well as a JSON extraction

Not all SERP providers are the same, there are a lot edge cases and issues such as scaling requests and capturing all of the data along the way, this is why we give you everything we have, no hidden the data like some providers. Our solution normalizes a few SERP provides to give the most accurate data and features that should be built out of the box.

Our solution allows you to fetch a keyword every 30 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours or daily increments. This allows you to dive deep into monitoring SERP changes, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Our solution is built to for the enterprise customer and able to handle a large volume of keywords (over 100,000,000 keywords daily)

Depends 🤣 – We are still in launch mode but have a full list of upcoming features we are working on and always open to new ideas and problems that are extreme edge cases.

All the other rank tracking tools only provide insights from the top 10 organic results. ExactScience factors in featured snippets, ads, data portability, and device-specific contexts for a 360-degree view of how your content is performing.

ExactScience is data source agnostic, so it can work with a variety of data formats. That ability allows it to pull in data from a broad range of sources to give you more targeted insights, both current and historical.

Sure can. There’s nothing like an unexpected drop in search rankings due to algorithmic changes or emerging trends to turn a great day into a major headache. ExactScience can send you an instant Slack notification the minute your rankings take a dive, allowing you to revise your content and get your rank back on track.

👋 Say hello and reach us via our contact form or on twitter.

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Rank tracking that reflects where you appear on the page, not where you ranked in 2012. Don’t get double charged per keyword. And don’t ignore all of the rich features that are pushing your results below the fold. Get accurate rank tracking that impacts your SEO strategy.

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